Friday, March 7, 2008


I also have few things to write about the book 'Manaosai':

As a mum of two toddlers and studying for my masters I have not yet got around to finish the book yet. But every time I walk pass my book shelves that book stands out to me. In my opinion the cover of the book is one of the most catching covers I have seen. Even before starting to read the book, I somehow felt a connection to the book as a woman. I know this book is not just aimed to one type of party but the cover somehow made me relate myself to it and I wanted to know what's inside.

With some of my non-Tamil friends I have had very interesting conversations about the cover. We all agreed that it's a very catching cover and gave us hours of interesting debates. And this all without even reading the book. Just looking at the cover it lets you wonder off into imagination of what it could all be about.

So far what I have read has met up with my expectations and more. This book is very interesting because there is a story for everyone. Any type of person can find a story in there which he/she can relate themselves to it. Is a very down-to-earth book. It is written interestingly and well which makes you want to keep going more. I do not know if it was written on purpose or unknowingly but I feel each of the stories seem to have a message hidden in it. So after reading each story I analyse what the message could be in that particular story and it gives me and my friends a very good topic to discuss about over coffee. It's very interesting because each of us seem to see something different in it.

Additionally, not just the cover, but also the headings set of the imaginations to what it could be. Especially, my non-Tamil speaking friends are very impressed with the headings apparently because it sets their imaginations lose and it makes them want to know what the story is about. So with the assistant of a literature professor at my university, who also is very interested in knowing about this book, we are considering of translating this book.

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